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Bill Bureau
8 Oak Street
Foxboro, MA 02035
(508) 543-8315


Thank you for visiting my new website and expanded selection of German World War II reproduction uniforms, equipment, and accessories. I hope my longstanding customers will be favorably impressed with this site's range of offerings, as well as its readability and ease of use.

New clients may need a short introduction to this business. My goal is to offer my customers the very finest reproductions of 3rd Reich materials available anywhere. Period. If the item in question does not exhibit the highest standards of materials, craftsmanship, patterning, and authenticity, it does not make it into my stock--or the pages of this website. From a reenactor wishing to outfit himself from head to toe with uniforms and equipment, to a collector wanting to fill that hole in an advanced collection, he can do so--with the utmost confidence—by ordering from this catalog's offerings.

In short, I know there are less expensive uniforms, headgear, and equipment on the market, but to the best of my knowledge none better are offered anywhere. If you are looking for quality, you've found it!

The Accessories section consists of field equipment and personal items--the gear necessary to deck out a premium uniform. Many of my customers are aware that I've wanted to offer such accessories for years, but that I've been unable to locate a source whose equipment equals the quality of my garments. This gap was filled during the last year as I worked up a product line with Turner, Laughlin & Associates of Arizona. This firm's products are equal in every respect to those of wartime Germany: workmanship, fabrics, leathers, hardware, and patterning are all the finest available.

I’m happy to take telephone orders, answer questions, or brainstorm with you about special requirements. Call anytime (before 10:00pm EST, that is!). If I'm not around, please leave a message, and I'll call you back ASAP.

Once again, I hope you are pleased with this website catalog, and that you find it a comprehensive, fascinating, and unique resource.

Bill Bureau